Martin and Jennie had been proud owners of a split shed for many years.

Martin is a keen gardener and loved the potting section of his existing shed, which had stood there for nearly 40 years. There was also a shed attached where they could store all of the usual garden paraphernalia;chairs, lawnmower, garden tools, etc.

However, their unit was looking a little sorry for itself, given its advancing years, and they decided it was time for a new one

Martin wanted to retain his potting area but Jennie also wanted in on the action with a summerhouse from which to survey Martin’s hard work

They visited all of the local and far flung garden centres and suppliers of garden buildings but could not find a unit that they were both happy with

It was easy to find a summer house, and it was easy to find a potting shed but no-one, it appeared, stocked a unit which could do both

The problem was solved upon visiting Fearnwood Products, where all units are made to order, on the premises, to any size and shape

It couldn’t have been easier, they told us exactly what they wanted, we provided drawings of what we considered to be what they wanted, which upon their approval, were made and then installed in their garden.

Project Details